International Boarding School


Institut auf dem Rosenberg welcomes boys and girls aged 6-19 years wishing to study in a truly international environment.  Passionate about education and the development of meaningful learning and free-time experiences, Institut auf dem Rosenberg is considered to be among the best Swiss international boarding schools.

A well-balanced personality is the result not only of an academic education but also the teaching of social awareness and understanding, as well as a high degree of self-discipline. The study and living experience at a Swiss international boarding school like Institut auf dem Rosenberg will naturally add to this the ability to communicate in several languages, to successfully integrate in a community and act responsibly, to resolve inter-personal conflicts. It will make young adults aware of their own potential and bring it to bear while still respecting other people’s views, and teach them to accept compromises when necessary.

At Institut auf dem Rosenberg pupils are encouraged to develop all these qualities, as they are considered indispensable for anyone taking a leading role in their future careers.

Through a wide variety of life learning experiences and activities outside the classroom Institut auf dem Rosenberg is an ideal platform for students to acquire important ‘life tools’ such as creativity, adaptability and perseverance.

For well over a century, Swiss international boarding school Institut auf dem Rosenberg has prepared thousands of adolescents for their professional and adult lives. Many of them remain on close terms with Rosenberg as well as with their former school friends.